Play Football

Learn the Spanish Language 



Perfecciona tus habilidades técnicas con entrenamiento individualizado.










Football Program.

Entrenamientos diarios y partidos semanales con clubes españoles.

Entrenadores experimentados especializados en la Metodolgía Integrada.

Daily training sessions and weekly matches with Spanish clubs.

Experienced trainers specialized in the European Integrated Methodology.


Aprende español con profesores nativos.

Enseñanza dinamica y motivante para aprender rapidamente.

Learn Spanish with native teachers.

Dynamic and motivating teaching to learn quickly

Culture Exchange.

Vive en Madrid, experimenta el intercambio cultural con estudiantes de todo el mundo.

Una ciudad vibrante y llena de cultura.

Live in Madrid, and experience cultural exchange with students from all over the world.

A vibrant city full of culture.

VISA International Program.

Have a valid passport.

Explain your reasons why you want to learn Football and Spanish and why you want to do this in Football Madrid  International Program.

 You can attach your CV.

Current and valid passport for the months in which you will be in Spain.

Criminal record certificate

If you are younger than 18, you need a written consent for the participation in a course abroad.

Medical certificate and medical insurance for your stay in Spain.

You need to prove that you have the financial resources to cover your stay in Spain (course, accommodation, medical care, return home). Here you can attach your scholarship information, the financial support by your parents or your guardian and additionally the assumption of full responsibility.

Paperwork Management.

The student submit the application directly at the Spanish consulate, or in one of the competent authorities - Spanish embassies and consulates.

You have to submit the letter of acceptance, and a form from our International Program. This document confirms that you are going to training and study for more than three months and it is recognized by the Spanish authorities. With this you can get the status of "student".

To get the letter of acceptance, you need to get in touch with us. Write us an email, saying that you want to learn in our International Program and that you need the letter of acceptance. You have to pay a reservation fee, which you can use for paying the course fee. After this, we will send the letter of acceptance to you, confirming that you are enrolled for a year course. In this letter we will mention all your personal information,  specify the period of the course, and the reservation fee.

Spain consulate.

Receive your Student VISA to travel and live in Spain.

Usually, it takes three months till the person receives his visa.

Once you arrive in Spain, at the Madrid Immigration Office, your student card will be issued.

Please bring the following documents: 


The letter of acceptance of the Football Madrid International Program.

- If you are underage: the written consent of your parents